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When you're hot, you're hot!

12/4/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage When you're hot, you're hot! A kitchen in a home blanketed in soot and insulation from a house fire.

In just minutes a small fire can turn into a life threatening tragedy. 40% of our nations house fires are caused by unattended pots and pan on the stove. Candles being the second biggest cause, millions of dollars worth of damage alone is  caused from candle fires. Arson is the third most common cause of fires in general. Electrical fires are scary and even more so costly, whether it was from faulty house wiring or an appliance with a bad wire the damage is monstrous.

Lets face it fires are deadly and they are not a laughing matter, they kill thousands of people every year in the US.

So, the big question here is, "How can we protect our selves from a house fire?"

Below are a few tips to help make your home a little safer during the holiday season:

  1. NEVER leave pots or pans on the stove top unattended. what is a "I'll only be gone for a second", could turn into a lifetime of recovery.
  2. Keep a Fire extinguisher ready to go, and know how to use it properly.
  3. Do not cover electrical cords with rugs or blankets.
  4. Make sure all of the smoke alarms in your home are working and functioning correctly.
  5. Keep your stove and oven cleaned; spilled food can ignite when hot enough.
  6. Do not place space heaters near any furniture or curtains or even rugs. 
  7. For those whose have a chimney in your home, make sure it is clean and inspected before burning wood in it. Keep in mind you only burn wood in the fire place. Wrapping paper, trees, boxes all pose a threat for disaster.

Between the soot, water and just burnt materials from the aftermath of a house fire, you find yourself stressed, emotional and frantically wondering, Where does the recovery start and take place?

No need to worry, SERVPRO can help. With our highly trained technicians and our people friendly family we will get your home cleaned of soot, ash, and ruble to get you on the right road.

We use precise detail to make sure that everything salvageable is cleaned and smoke free to the best of standards. 

Gives us a call today at (830)693-6415

SERVPRO of Marble Falls, Lampasas and Brownwood

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

Has mold made itself welcomed in your home?

12/1/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Has mold made itself welcomed in your home? Toxic black mold all over drywall.

It's found indoors and out doors.

It can get into your home or business through windows, doors, vents, A/C systems even on your clothes and pets. Even after flooding has dried out it can still grow in dry wall, wood, paint, dust, wall paper, fabrics and upholstery. But how do we stop it? Can we prevent it or stop the growth before it has harmful affects on us?

YES! Yes, you can!

Here are just a few small tips to help prevent mold growth in your home or business:

  1. Control humidity levels in your building. Mold thrives in moisture and dampness.
  2. Quickly asses leaking pipes, toilets, sinks, windows, roofs and ceilings.
  3. Thoroughly clean up and dry after any leak or spill.
  4. Make sure your shower/bathtub is ventilated and caulked as well as cooking areas and laundry rooms and water heaters.
  5. Make sure that all A/C and water heater pipes are not leaking or corroded.

Can I do anything to stop it once I find mold in my home or is it too late?

Mold can be cleaned or even removed from hard surfaces, walls, wall studs and carpets with the right treatments and remedies.

What to do if you find mold growing in your home:

  1. You need to clean it and stop the moisture problem right away. After all Mold thrives in Moist damp conditions.
  3. it can be removed from hard surfaces with chemicals such as bleach or antimicrobial.

If mold has you held hostage in your home, call SERVPRO of Marble Falls, Lampasas and Brownwood today! We can help!

We're open 24/7, 24 hours

You can reach one of our highly trained technicians at (830)693-6415

Does Water have you afloat in your home?

11/30/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Does Water have you afloat in your home? A beautiful home flooded full of water.

Whether it's a water heater leak at 1 in the afternoon, or a toilet run-over at 11 at night, SERVPRO of Marble Falls, Lampasas and Brownwood has your back! Water damage can be a nightmare, but don't let that ruin your Holiday spirit. Here at SERVPRO were all about making happy memories and helping the wonderful people in our community, that's why we have 24-hour emergency service, for whenever disaster strikes!

Our water certified technicians are standing by, determined to get you back on dry land!

Give us a call at any time of the day or night, and our highly educated technicians will be more than happy to assist you!

SERVPRO of Marble Falls, Lampasas and Brownwood

(830) 693-6415

Don't let Jack Frost ruin your Christmas season this year!

11/30/2017 (Permalink)

General Don't let Jack Frost ruin your Christmas season this year! House cascading frozen water out the windows after a water line erupted from freezing weather.

With cooler temperatures coming our way we want to do our very best to keep our homes from  flooding and freezing.

Here are just a few small tips to save your pipes from freezing this winter.

To staying warm and dry!

  • Check your sprinkler or irrigation systems. Make sure you've turned them off and fully drained the system.
  • Check your home for pipes in areas that might be prone to freezing such as Crawl spaces, unheated rooms, basements, garages, shops and exterior walls.
  • Locate your main water shut off valve when leaving for a few days. best to shut it off just in case of freezing temperatures.
  • Protect your pipes! where pipes are exposed wrap them with insulation, heat tape, fabric or even newspaper to keep from freezing.
  • Locate your outside faucets and make sure that they are shut off and covered. Covers are sold at almost any home improvement store or at any Walmart.

Stay safe, and stay warm!